Saloon-Worthy Style: It’s Not Our First Rodeo

Saloon-Worthy Style: It’s Not Our First Rodeo

Posted by Yasmin Harake at Revamp UK on Mar 5th 2024

Big hair is back. Well, we’re not convinced it ever left, but thanks to Queen B, Miley Cyrus and the ultimate country comeback, big, Texan hair is raising roots and eyebrows everywhere.

If you’re looking to dial up your ‘do, you’re in the right place. Think volume that speaks for itself, and big, blowout waves that don’t lose their shape (even if you’re throwing a couple of them yourself).

So, yes – it’s official. Mob wife waves are having their moment. Here's how to achieve a rodeo-ready look whether you have short, long, fine or coarse hair. The best bit? The final look will turn heads – whether you’re sporting a Stetson or not.

Hot Brush Summer

For a high-impact hello, volume is essential. Take the stress out of styling and pick up a hot brush. A 2-in-1 wonder, the Revamp Progloss Volume & Wave Hot Brush dries and styles your hair with ease. Enjoy flawless volume and waves quickly and easily for a salon (or saloon, your call) ready style.

Cowgirl Curls

For a big blowout with added body and bounce, try the Revamp Progloss Big Hot Brush. With a 40mm barrel, this brush offers enhanced curls, waves and flicks with added volume.

Revamp Recommendations:

1. Research styling products and find the ones that suit your hair needs. Dry ends? Opt for a leave-in cream to lock moisture in. Lacking volume? Give your hair a boost with a volumising mousse for enhanced results.

2. Choose the the hot brush that works for you. You can read more about the Revamp Progloss Volume & Wave Ceramic Hot Brush and Progloss Big Hot Brush here. Both offer radiant results – it's up to you to decide which is right for your hair.

3. Always section your hair and take your time when styling – Revamp hot brushes speed up the process anyway, so your hair is in good hands.

4. Secure curls in place and leave them to set for at least 15 minutes – this allows your hair to cool, and encourages the curls to keep their shape.

5. Comb through your curls with your fingers or a wide tooth comb for a softer, more natural looking finish.

6. Finish with hairspray for long-lasting results.