What to Consider Before Your Next Appointment at the Hair Salon

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What to Consider Before Your Next Appointment at the Hair Salon

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  1. Hair How-To: Styles with Straighteners

    Hair How-To: Styles with Straighteners

    Everyone knows that hair straighteners can make your hair feel super smooth and sleek, but there’s so much more you can with this handy styling tool. You can create waves, curls, and texture— all with a hair straightener, it’s simply a case of adjusting your techniques and adding a unique finish to each hairstyle. Sleek Style With Sparkle Let’s get...
  2. Hair How-To : Romantic Waves

    Hair How-To : Romantic Waves

    One way to ensure a flirty and fabulous look is effortless waves. Whilst many of may try to create the perfect waves based on a style we’ve seen on celebrities and runways; the truth is there is a wide variety of styles to choose from. Whether you’re going for the undone and relaxed look or something a little more polished...
  3. 5 Hairstyles Inspired By Your Favourite TV Shows

    5 Hairstyles Inspired By Your Favourite TV Shows

    If you’re looking for some inspiration to revive your lockdown locks, what better place to start than all of the TV shows you’ve been binge-watching over the last year.  Your favourite TV shows are packed with so many hairstyles that are worth replicating at home. With this in mind, we’ve gathered up a selection some of the best hairstyles from...
  4. New Year's Resolutions For Your Hair

    New Year's Resolutions For Your Hair

    The New Year provides the perfect opportunity to take a look at your current daily routine and set new goals for areas that could be improved. New Year’s resolutions provide a fresh start and give you a chance to create new healthy habits for the year. 2020 brought a lot of disruption to our regular routines. Many of us ended...
  5. New Year's Eve Glam: Inspiration

    New Year's Eve Glam: Inspiration

    There is no denying that 2020, has been a challenge, and it looks like the holiday season is looking to be a little bit chaotic as well. With that in mind, we’re all wanting to bid farewell to 2020 and embrace all the good things to come in 2021. The pandemic may have wiped a lot of the social events...
  6. Turn Up The Volume

    Turn Up The Volume

    If you find your hair falling flat at your cheeks you’re not alone. We all dream of beautiful voluminous hairstyles based on what we see on the catwalks and red carpets, but sometimes it can be a struggle to replicate. Fear not! We have put together a few quick and simple tricks to help you to turn up the volume...
  7. Curls For Christmas

    Curls For Christmas

    You probably don’t need a reminder, but the festive season can be a little bit chaotic. Between making sure you’ve got gifts for all of your loved ones and running around the supermarkets to create a feast with everyone’s favourites, it can be easy to forget to treat yourself with a bit of pampering.  The festive period gives us all...
  8. Hot Brush Highlights

    Hot Brush Highlights

    Transform your hair with Revamp’s collection of hot styling brushes. Whether you want to create silky-smooth hairstyles or flawless curls these styling tools will ensure your hair looks stunning. A hot styling brush allows you to effortlessly style your hair with precision and control.  Let’s have a look at all the ways you can revamp your hairstyling skills.   Progloss Perfect Finish Hot...
  9. Spooky & Stylish : Halloween Hairstyle Ideas

    Spooky & Stylish : Halloween Hairstyle Ideas

    Halloween is creeping up on us, and that means it’s time to start putting together some ideas for your costume. Whilst trick or treating may have been cancelled this year in many areas, that doesn’t mean we can’t dress up! Whether you’re having a Halloween Zoom Party or a spooky scavenger hunt at home, you can still have plenty of...

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