Pretty Powerful: Meet the Enigma PRECISION Hair Dryer

Pretty Powerful: Meet the Enigma PRECISION Hair Dryer

Posted by Yasmin Harake at Revamp UK on Nov 2nd 2023

Designed to streamline your styling, the Revamp Enigma PRECISION Hair Dryeris built with innovative technology for an easier, more enjoyable drying experience.

The Revamp Enigma PRECISION Hair Dryer promises a practical, powerful styling solution by way of its digital intelligent brushless motor, and four magnetic attachments. Engineered to give you a salon-worthy styling session, this hair dryer reaches an air speed of up to 175km per hour for faster, fuss-free drying.

To break down the blow dry, team Revamp revealed their favourite things about this new mane must-have. Here’s what we love most about the Revamp Enigma PRECISION Hair Dryer. Spoiler alert – it’s the attachments.

With not one, not two, but four magnetic attachments to accompany it, the Revamp Enigma PRECISION Hair Dryer was designed to dry and style all hair types. To ensure radiant, long-lasting results, the dryer comes with a flyaway 360° attachment, a fast lift & dry booster, precision concentrator and a curl diffuser – meaning you can switch up your styling as and when you choose to. Here’s what each of them do.

Flyaway 360° Attachment

Pieced together to keep unruly strands in check, the flyaway 360° attachment helps you achieve a sleek, polished finish that’s free of static.
Revamp style tip: Say goodbye to awkward angles and aching arms. Simply twist the attachment to direct the airflow.

Fast Dry & Lift Booster

Raising each and every hair from the root for instant volume, the fast dry and lift booster also separates your strands as the airflow passes through it for super-fast drying.
Revamp style tip: Slowly and steadily massage your scalp in a circular motion for a long-lasting look.

Precision Concentrator

With a super-slim nozzle, the precision concentrator directs the airflow for more precise styling and enhanced definition.
Revamp style tip: Use a big, round brush while drying your hair for a more targeted airflow.

Curl Diffuser

Created to enhance natural waves and curls, this attachment distributes the airflow gently and evenly. Encouraging volume and bounce, the prongs gather the hair and hold it in place for a defined, frizz-free finish.
Revamp style tip: Starting with the ends, lift a section of your hair into the diffuser and work your way up towards the roots. Use your fingers to move the hair around in the diffuser to add shape.