Winter Hair Care Guide

Winter Hair Care Guide

Posted by Revamp UK on Nov 26th 2020

Winter is coming, and during the cold-weather season, you may have to pick up some new habits to ensure your hair looks and feels good. We’ve put together a few tips to help you understand what you can do to maintain healthy hair.

Healthy Hair in Winter

Winter Warnings

Dry and cold conditions can wreak havoc on your hair. If you treat your hair exactly as you did during the summer you could experience issues such as dryness, static and a lack of shine. We can’t be having that. So, let’s have a look at some solutions. Firstly, we’ll start with some general tips to help keep your hair healthy.

1. Stay Hydrated

Drink. It’s the easiest part of good hair maintenance. Hydration starts from within, and drinking enough water helps energize and encourage hair growth from root to tip. If you are dehydrated your scalp will become dry and your hair will lose its vibrancy. If you make healthy food and drink choices your hair will benefit.

Stay Hydrated

2. Trim Regularly

A short trim every now and then will help to keep your hair looking great. As the rules of lockdown in 2020 have made is sometimes difficult to visit the hairdressers, you can still take care of your hair at home. Ask a family member or housemate who you can trust to hold a pair of scissors to take a half-inch off every four to eight weeks. If you don't feel confident enough to this leave it to the professionals, but make sure you book an appointment as soon as possible as diaries will likely become very busy. This will help to reduce the chance of split ends and dry strands of hair.

Regular Hair Trims

There are also some more particular ways to care for your hair during the winter months that you need to be aware of.

Wear a Hat

Protect your hair from the cold air with a hat. Not every hat will have the same effect. Ensure your hat is lined with silk to prevent damage. That’s a fashion tip and a hair tip all in one.

Wear a Hat

Dry Your Hair Properly

Before rushing out the door ensure that you have thoroughly dried your hair. Cold hair can expand the hair shaft, making the hair more prone to breakage.

You can dry your hair reliably with the Revamp Progloss 4000 Advanced Protect & Care Hair Dryer. The advanced care system maximises the airflow coverage and heat distribution, to provide greater care for your hair. Ideal for drying your hair quickly before heading outside during winter.

Dry your hair properly

Choose The Correct Styling Tools

Pay attention to the shine and lustre of your hair. The lack of moisture in winter not only dries out your scalp and makes your hair frizzy, but can also leave your hair looking dull and lifeless.

Choose the correct hair styling tools

Revamp Professional’s range of hair styling tools including curling wands, tongs, hot styling brushes and air stylers offer an easy solution. All the styling tools are infused with Progloss super smoothing oils including Keratin, Coconut and Argan oil. These oils can help to restore moisture and guard your hair against tough winter weather.

We want to make hair styling simple for you. If you follow these tips and incorporate some quality products that suit your hair you will be able to enjoy the winter months. With a few easy-to-use tools and specially tailored products, you will be able to take care of your hair throughout the winter.