What To Consider Before Your Next Appointment At The Salon

What To Consider Before Your Next Appointment At The Salon

Posted by Revamp UK on Apr 9th 2021

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for… UK Hair Salons are officially reopening. Whilst many of us have been doing what we can at home to keep our hair feeling healthy and happy, it’s safe to say we are all looking forward to being able to visit our hairdressers. Whether you want to indulge in a full-on pamper package or just want to simply trim away those split ends, there a few things to consider before your next trip to the hair salon. There’s nothing worse than leaving the salon with a cut that’s nothing like what you envisioned. Before rushing into your stylist’s chair, it’s always a good idea to ask yourself a few simple questions to help you make the most of your appointment at the salon and walk out with lovely locks.

Be Truthful With Your Stylist

Be honest with your hair stylist

Lockdown has forced all of us to adapt our routines, and your hair may not have received the usual care and attention it had previously. When you sit down with your hairdresser, one of the first questions they will ask you will be what your hair routine has been like in lockdown, and the answer is simple – the Truth. Your hairdresser is there to help you refresh your locks after lockdown so it’s important for them to assess exactly what your hair has been through in order to help give you the results you want.

Is This Haircut Just A Trend?

Is this haircut just a trend?

Spending months in lockdown has given us plenty of time to scroll through social media for tips, tricks and trends for our hair. There is nothing wrong with being inspired by the latest trends, as you can show your stylist specific pictures to give a clear indication of the style you would like to match. When you do look at what is trending online, you still need to consider if this specific style will suit your features. Often when a haircut is super-trendy, it can also fade from popularity pretty quickly, which could leave you to deal with an awkward growing-out phase.

Locks For Your Lifestyle

Hair for your lifestyle

Before you get a new haircut, you should consider how much maintenance will be required to style your hair daily. It’s important to find a haircut and style that will fit into your lifestyle. For example, if you like to keep your hair routine short and sweet, then a short bob haircut might be suitable for you. If you prefer to regularly experiment with heat tools and extensions, you might want a haircut that includes more layers for a bouncy and beautiful finish. Another thing to consider is your workout routine as this may have changed in lockdown. If you are exercising frequently, you’ll probably want a haircut that’s easy to pull back into braids or a ponytail. Whatever your lifestyle is like, just be sure to take some time to do your research or have an open discussion with your stylist before they start trimming.

Think About Texture and Thickness

Think about hair texture and thickness

Whether you have thin hair or thick, curly locks—your natural texture will play an important factor in how well you can pull off some cuts. Chances are you won’t want to be using heat on your strands every day, so it’s important to go for a haircut that will work with your natural texture. For example, if you are blessed with naturally thick hair, your stylist might suggest that you go with a longer haircut over a short one, and vice-versa.

Will I be Able To Style This Cut At Home?

Hair styling at home

Like it or not, many haircuts require a decent amount of styling to look as good as they did in the salon. Before you get a new dramatic ‘do you’ll need to think about the styling techniques required to keep it looking the best it can. Will you need to straighten a fringe every morning? How long will it realistically take to blow dry your hair? These are things to consider and points to also discuss with your hairdresser. You want to make sure that you choose a haircut that you’ll be comfortable styling by yourself on a daily basis.

Be Clear, Detailed and Specific

Be clear with what hairstyle you want

You probably get it by now, but it’s important to be very specific when telling your hairdresser the cut you want. Getting a new hairstyle doesn't have to be a game of risk when you provide your hairstylist with the information to explain the look you want to achieve. Whilst you may have your ideal style in mind, your hairstylist will be able to offer further advice as to whether this style is possible, as it may require some adjustments to suit your natural hair texture and face shape. Teamwork makes the dream work!