Styling Secrets with Joseph Koniak: Flawless Curls & Volume

Styling Secrets with Joseph Koniak: Flawless Curls & Volume

Posted by Revamp UK on Jun 15th 2020

The Progloss Perfect Finish Hot Styling Brush is a revolutionary styling tool that will give an instant blow-dried look in seconds! With its retractable bristles and smooth tong, it is the ideal tool for smoothing, styling, shaping and curling.

Step 1:

Start by brushing your hair through to eliminate any unwanted tangles, take your first section from the bottom of one ear to the bottom of the other ear. Using the Hot Hair Styler brush, wrap your hair and hold for a few seconds and then retract the bristles to reveal the curl and movement.

Step 2:

Take your next section from the top of the ear to the top of the other ear and again, smooth and brush with the styler and wrap it in accordingly, then release the bristles and slide it out.

Step 3:

The last section is a rectangle from the eyebrow to the crown of your head, smoothing the hair through, curling it inward or outward and then again releasing the bristles to remove the brush and leave your hair looking beautiful.