Quick and Easy Hairstyles for Mums

Quick and Easy Hairstyles for Mums

Posted by Revamp UK on Mar 18th 2020

One thing that changes drastically once you have kids is your routine, and that includes your haircare. Your schedule can be incredibly busy, but you always deserve to take some time for yourself. Whether you’re picking up the kids from school or heading out for a family celebration, your hair can make all the difference when it comes to making you feel beautiful. Here are some easy, and more importantly quick hairstyles that will make you feel like the queen that you are.

Flippy Ponytail

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Often, you’ll be tempted to quickly scoop up your hair into a ponytail as a quick and easy solution. Give your ponytail a touch of glamour with flipped ends and an illusion hair wrap. Start by straightening your hair as usual as your reach three-quarters of the way down, turn your straighteners to face upwards as you glide through the remaining hair. For snag-free styling and custom temperatures for your hair type, try our Progloss Touch Digital Hair Straightener.

Detailed Updo

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Natural curls already give you beautiful volume, and that gives you the perfect base to create a bold and stylish updo. Gather most of your hair into a loose updo, and tie together with stunning scarf or hairband. Take a couple of loose strands away to frame your face and use our Progloss Tight Curl Stick to give create a detailed hairstyle.

Glam Bun

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There’s the messy bun, and then there’s the glam bun. A quick and easy way to give a quick and simple updo a beauty boost. Before you’re tempted to sleek back your hair, leave a few loose strands of hair to frame your face. After you’ve styled the main bulk of your hair into a bun, take the loose strands, and style with our Progloss Multiform Curl and Waves Styler. You can easily switch up your look with loose flowing waves or defined glamorous curls.