Loving Your Locks in Lockdown

Loving Your Locks in Lockdown

Posted by Revamp UK on Mar 11th 2021

It is safe to say our hair has had to embrace a lot of change in lockdown. Where you may have been used to getting regular trims or fresh colour on your hair, you will likely have had to adapt your hair routine. Whilst some of us have attempted DIY haircuts or grabbed a box of at-home hair dye – many are still looking for solutions to maintain a healthy and luxurious mane until the salons can officially reopen. We have put together a selection of tips and tricks to ensure your hair is looking beautiful for your daily walks or in preparation for your schedule of video meetings.

New Length = New Styles

Hairstyles for long hair

If you cannot remember the last time you had a haircut, the style your hairdresser originally perfected has likely grown out, to create a new hair length that you may not be used to styling. Added length means you have more opportunity to experiment with new and creative styles. Try your hand at different looks with beautiful braids. Bring out your inner princess with a crown braid to keep any stray strands at bay or step up your hair game with detailed Dutch braids (Extra Tip: This style is ideal for keeping your hair out of the way during your home workouts).

Make Your Fringe Fabulous

Hairstyles for a fringe

With regular trims not currently being an option, your fringe could require a little effort when it comes to styling. If you have decided to try and grow out your fringe until your next salon appointment, there are a variety of different styles you can try. To keep your hair out of your eyes, try adding a little volume and bounce with a round brush and a hair dryer. If the length of your fringe has grown far beyond belief, it is time to add accessories.

Expand Your Selection Of Accessories

Trying hair accessories

Hats, hairbands or even hair clips are a great way to give a simple hairstyle a quick upgrade. A basic hairband can distract from a greasy hairline and you can also wrap your hair around it to create an effortless up-do, for those mornings where you may have hit snooze one too many times. If you are at a beginner level when it comes to updos, add an embellished clip for an extra touch of elegance.

Brush Away The Day

Brushing Hair

We’re getting back the basics here, but now we’re all staying inside you might be tempted to skip brushing your hair and simply grab the nearest scrunchie. If you’re not brushing your hair regularly you could be finding your roots are getting greasier quicker and when there’s excessive build-up on your scalp, this can lead to more problems such as dandruff. For knotty hair that tangles easily, make sure to gradually work your way up from the ends of the hair towards the root to avoid breakage and split ends.

Keep Clear Of The Kitchen Scissors

At Home Haircuts

It can be tempting to reach for the nearest pair of scissors when your hair is starting to become unruly, but it really is best to leave it to the professionals. If you have absolutely no choice but to cut your hair only attempt to take a small amount off and ensure you invest in a pair of professional hairdressing scissors.