Hairstyles To Dazzle On Date Night

Hairstyles To Dazzle On Date Night

Posted by Yasmin Harake at Revamp UK on Feb 8th 2022

Valentine's Day is just days away and you’re probably already thinking about your after-hours outfit. Whether you’re going to be indulging in a romantic dinner at your go-to tapas restaurant, having a couple of cocktails in town or packing for a weekend getaway, Valentine’s Day is the ultimate excuse to get dressed up and let your hair down – or put it up. Allow us to present five cupid-approved date night do’s.

Soft, Romantic Curls

Let’s be honest. You can’t go wrong when it comes to loose, playful curls. They tend to work regardless of your hair length and make for a feminine, elegant style come February 14th. To achieve a flawless finish, opt for the Revamp Progloss Hollywood Curl Automatic Rotating Hair Curler. With intelligent heat technology, this curler will manage the temperature to ensure you’re left with maximum impact and minimal damage. Remember your heat protection spray, and brush through your curls for gentle waves that speak volumes.

Sleek & Straight Ponytail

Nothing says elegant sophistication like a straight, shiny ponytail. Run a leave-in conditioner through your hair after washing, blow dry and straighten using the Revamp Progloss Wide Ultra X Shine Ceramic Hair Straightener. Infused with keratin, argan and coconut oils, the ceramic plates will smoothen your strands and leave you with hair that’s soft and snag-free. Finish your look with serum for a long-lasting shine and wrap a small section of your hair around your hair tie before securing with a bobby pin for a more polished pony.

Tousled Beach Waves

For an effortless style that’s both fuss and frizz-free, try carefree waves. Get started with the Revamp Progloss Deep Beach Waver to create the perfect mermaid mane. Use a texturizing spray for that tousled finish – just make sure you pick one that holds and hydrates

Elegant Up-Do

Contrary to popular belief, a loose up-do isn’t only for weddings. Blow-dry your hair with the Revamp Progloss 3950 AC Featherlite Ultra X Shine Hair Dryer (trust us, the ionic technology means no more frizz) and gather your hair into a loose ponytail, either at the nape of your neck or higher up – the choice is yours. Using bobby pins, some hairspray and a few twists here and there, you’ll find yourself with a beautiful bun that demands a double take. Pull a few strands out to frame your face for a flirtier finish.

Amped Up Accessories

If you’re someone who likes to keep their styling simple, we hear you. However, we’re all for doing something a little different – especially when it comes to a special occasion. Experiment with accessories such as oversized clips, embellished headbands or patterned ribbons for added edge. After all, an unexpected accessory or a touch of sparkle could be the finishing touch you’ve been looking for.