Autumn Hair Care Guide

Autumn Hair Care Guide

Posted by Revamp Hair on Sep 16th 2021

We will soon be saying goodbye to sun-filled days, and whilst you may be ready to pull out the fluffy jumpers and scarves, the change in season also requires some adjustments to be made to your hair care routine. The drop in temperature also brings dry and cold air, which can often cause frizzy, brittle hair. Here are our top hair care tips to keep your hair healthy and looking fabulous through Autumn.


Your hair needs moisture to stay shiny and healthy. If you wash your hair every day you can strip it of the natural essential oils it needs to stay healthy, so wash every other day at a cooler temperature, and if your hair is prone to greasiness, try using a dry shampoo before you brush it in the morning. Another great way to add moisture is to use a leave-in conditioner, and rinse it out with your normal conditioner with cold water to seal the cuticle, which will promote shine.


Consider Autumn the perfect time for a trim or even a big chop, as a way to get rid of any of the damage that the summer could have done to your hair. Keep in mind your face shape when deciding on a new hairstyle, you may want to chop off quite a lot and get a bob-length haircut or just simple trim as a bit of maintenance.


With the leaves changing pretty colours, it is easy to be tempted to try a new hair colour for the season. Autumn is a great time to bring some warm colours into your hair with highlights or a completely new colour. You may way to try a brunette ombre colour or even a hint of red.


To lock in moisture and keep your hair protected from the dry weather you can try some simple styles like twists, braids and low buns. The key to protective styling is preparing your hair beforehand, so it’s important to ensure you are adding enough moisture to your hair with the right products for your hair type. If braids are not your style, another way to protect your hair from the dry weather is to wear a hat. A hat will keep your hair tucked away from the wind and is an ideal way to cover up flyways.