3 Simple Steps To Loving Your Locks

3 Simple Steps To Loving Your Locks

Posted by Yasmin Harake at Revamp UK on Feb 8th 2023

The international day of red roses, chocolate and unexpected DMs is fast approaching, so before you purchase a card for your Valentine, galentine or bestie, why not give your hair your undivided attention first? Run a bubble bath, find a relaxing playlist on Spotify and light some candles – just make sure you keep them away from your hair please.

Step 1: Revamp Your Routine

New year, new start – right? Well, not always. With the excitement of Christmas and seeing in the New Year, it’s hardly surprising that a lot of us end up neglecting our self-care routines come January. Think of January as a trial month. Now February is here, it’s time for a real fresh start and why not start with your skin and hair rituals?

Step 2: Streamline Your Styling

If, like us, you’re often short on time, think about speeding up your style game. How? We’re glad you asked. Trade in your assortment of tools and opt for multi-tasking dryers and stylers to give you more time to do what you love – whether that’s binging a series, cooking up a storm or just having some down time with your dog (we’re here for all of those, btw). Save time and effort by picking up the Progloss Deepform Straight & Style Blow Dry Brush or the Progloss Airstyle 6-in-1 Air Styler for an all-in-one solution. Both of these mane must-haves empower you to both dry and style your hair quickly and easily.

Step 3: Hydrate Your Hair

Making time to hydrate our hair is often easier said than done, so take little steps to quench the thirst. Hair masks and oils help, but if you’re looking for something more multifunctional (and less messy), well - you’ve come to the right place. Pick up the Progloss Hydro Shield X Shine Hair Dryer after your shower and relax knowing the clever technology doesn’t just dry your hair – it protects its natural moisture too.