Revamp Progloss Liberate Cordless Hollywood Curl Automatic Rotating Curler CL-2500

Model: CL-2500-EU2
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Revamp Progloss Liberate Cordless Hollywood Curl Automatic Rotating Curler CL-2500

Revamp Progloss Liberate Cordless Hollywood Curl Automatic Rotating Curler CL-2500 As seen on TV
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    • Liberate cordless Hollywood Curl for easy, tangle-free waves and curls at the touch of a button
    • High performance, long-lasting (up to 40 minutes use for a typical user) cordless straightener and styler powered by lithium-ion technology
    • Right and left-handed rotation for easy styling on each side of the head
    • Ultra Thin Thermal Film Technology gives ultra fast heat-up and heat recovery for exceptional gloss and shine
    • Ceramic and ionic barrel for frizz free, smooth curly hair with less static
    • Ultra fast digital heat 140ºC to 200ºC ready to style in minutes and suitable for all hair types
    • Ultra-fast heat up and heat recovery
    • Advanced intelligent heat that continuously regulates the temperature for minimum hair damage
    • Progloss™ super smooth oils Keratin, Argan and Coconut oils infused ceramic plates for ultimate smoothness
    • Fast charge - 4 hours from empty
    • Auto-off after 30 minutes
    • 25mm Ceramic Barrel
    • Suitable for use on dry hair only
    • Includes USB cable with UK/EU inter-changeable adaptor, pro charge stand
    • Worldwide Voltage
    • 3 Year Guarantee

    Experience complete freedom when it comes to curling your hair with the Revamp Progloss Liberate Cordless Hollywood Curl. This high-performance cordless hair styler is powered by lithium-ion technology, to ensure you can create instant curls and waves without the hassle of cables. Simply select your desired temperature, choose the direction of your curls and you’re all set. The automatic rotating curl barrel will gently draw your hair into the curling chamber, and in just a few seconds flawless curls will be revealed. Featuring adjustable temperatures range from 140°C to 200°C, to suit thin, medium and thick hair types. Additionally, infused with Progloss super smooth oils to ensure your hairstyles shine. USB-C charging cable and salon pro charge stand included.

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    • Infused with Progloss Super Smoothing Oils

    Automatic rotating system for flawless curls at the touch of a button

    Automatic Rotating System


    At the touch of a button, your hair will be gently drawn into the curl chamber where it is softly held and heated. The combination of ceramic and ionic technology within the chamber will ensure your curls are free from frizz. For the best results take a section of hair roughly 2cm-5cm in width. After just a few seconds a perfect curl will be formed. An audible beep will indicate when your curl is ready, and the curling barrel will automatically stop. Simply draw the device downwards to release the hair and reveal flawless results. 

    Cordless and rechargeable to ensure curls without cables

    Cordless &


    No cables. No Hassle. Reaching full power potential in just 4 hours for an average use time of 40 minutes, this is the perfect styling tool to create curly hairstyles wherever you are. Recharging this hair curler is quick and simple, with the adaptor, USB cable and the additional salon pro charge stand. For a longer run time, start with the curling tool fully charged and style with the cord if desired.

    Flawless curls and waves made quick and easy

    Flawless Curls &


    You can create a variety of curly hairstyles with this styling tool, from soft waves to defined curls, depending on the time you leave your hair within the curling chamber. If you would like soft waves simply use the curling tool until you hear the first audible beep. For more defined curls keep your hair within the rotating chamber and repeat the same process of holding down the button to allow the hair to be styled for additional time. To create a voluminous hairstyle simply change the direction of the rotating barrel and create alternating curls.

    Adjustable temperature settings to suit all hair types

    Adjustable Temperature Settings


    For a customised styling experience, suited to your specific hair type, this auto curler features adjustable temperature settings ranging from 140°C to 200°C. With Ultra-Thin Thermal Film Technology for fast heat-up and heat recovery, and exceptional gloss and shine.

    Infused with Progloss oils

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