Styling Secrets with Joseph Koniak: The Perfect Blowdry

Styling Secrets with Joseph Koniak: The Perfect Blowdry

Posted by Revamp UK on May 22nd 2020

If you’ve ever gone to the salon to get a blow-dry, then you know how great it feels to have extra bounce, volume and shine in your hair.

Perfecting the technique of a blowdry can help you achieve professional results from the comfort of home.

Our global ambassador, Joseph Koniak has put together a selection of styling secrets to help you create a beautiful, bouncy blow-dry without hassle.

Product Recommendation:

Using the Progloss 5500 Hair Dryer is a dream for any professional to create smooth, sleek and voluminous hair.

Step 1:

Set the Ionic setting to "Smoothing" on a high heat and medium speed and use a wide concentrator. Take your first section from below the ear to below the ear, and smooth the hair down away from the head, to smooth the cuticles for the finish.

Step 2:

For the second section, go from above the ear to above the ear around the back, and again, dependant on if you want to achieve volume and fullness, you must place your brush in the direction that you wish the hair to be smoothed.

For volume, you should place the brush on top and dry underneath the hair, keeping the concentrator away from the scalp and then placing it on top to smooth the cuticle down.

To get the ultimate finish, you really want the cuticles to be smooth and flat, so you must keep the direction of the hairdryer consistent throughout the blow-dry.

Step 3:

The third section is from temple to temple depending on the density of your hair, if your hair is quite thick you may want to take it into two sections, ideally, the section should be the width of the brush that you are using.

The fourth section is from the middle of one eyebrow around to the middle of the other eyebrow, following the same procedure.

Step 4:

For the final section, you want to add volume on the top by simply taking the hair all the way back in diagonal sections, from the crown to the hairline.

For the ultimate finish go over the hair with the Cool Shot feature to set the style in place. Now, enjoy the hair of your dreams!