Spring Refresh For Your Strands

Spring Refresh For Your Strands

Posted by Yasmin Harake at Revamp UK on Mar 28th 2022

We don’t know about you, but we’re already feeling a difference since spring made its anticipated comeback on the 20th of March. The weather is warmer (even if only by a couple of degrees), the sky is lighter on our drive home from work and bright, bold collections have landed on our favourite online shops. Let’s get the season started as we mean to go on – and, in true Revamp style – we’ll start with our hair. Not unlike our skin, our hair has different needs from season to season. Here, we round-up five easy haircare tips for spring.

A Cut Above the Rest

Start by having a trim. Don’t worry – if you’re keen on keeping your lengths long, that’s fine. We’re only talking about a snip to remove any dry, split ends. Even an inch or two will make your hair happier and healthier. Keep your cool going forward and turn to the Revamp Progloss 5500 Ionic Hair Dryer after your cut is complete. With four heat settings and an ultra-cool freeze shot, you can take control of the temperature and enjoy less heat damage.

Food for Thought

Ever wondered if your plate plays a part in hair health? Well, it does. For stronger hair, you’ll need to ensure your diet has enough protein in it. Think eggs, salmon, chicken and turkey. If you prefer veggies to meats, edamame is a tasty alternative that’s packed with protein. Iron is important too – so stock up on avocados and spinach too.

Frizz Freedom

April is on its way, and while it’s known for its showers, this in turn can lead to frizzy, somewhat uncontrollable strands. However, when fighting the frizz – you’ll need to remember that it’s the unruliness you want to banish, not the moisture. Switch up your shampoo for one that retains moisture and pick up a conditioner that helps with humidity before using more mindful appliances on your mane. Featuring ceramic bristles and gentle heat settings, the Revamp Progloss Deepform Straight & Style Blow Dry Brush makes for a kinder way to fight the frizz.

Moisture Management

The changing seasons can have a bigger impact on our hair than we realise, so it’s important to hydrate it frequently. If you’ve noticed your hair is feeling dry, or that the ends are looking a little worse for wear, see tip number one and book in a trim. Then, invest in some nourishing, moisturising leave-in creams that you can work into your strands from the mid-lengths to the ends. Just remember to avoid the roots to prevent a build-up of grease.

A [UV] Ray of Sunshine

Wearing sun protection comes naturally – when it comes to our skin, that is. Your hair needs the same level of love when the sunshine comes out – it can cause discolouration, dry, brittle strands and even thinning. Finer, lighter hair is more vulnerable to the sun as it lacks the oils and pigment that offer protection to thicker, coarser hair. Play it safe and shop SPF hair products to keep your hair healthy.