Revamp Progloss Kind Curling Hair Styling Bundle - DR-4000 & TO-1500

Model: DR4000TO1500GB
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Revamp Progloss Kind Curling Hair Styling Bundle - DR-4000 & TO-1500

Revamp Progloss Kind Curling Hair Styling Bundle - DR-4000 & TO-1500 Sale
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      Our Progloss Kind Curling Hair Styling Bundle is designed to flawless curls and waves with complete ease. This bundle includes our Progloss 4000 Advanced Protect & Care Hair Dryer and our Progloss Perfect Finish Hair Waver.

      Revamp Progloss Perfect Finish Hair Waver
    • Hot ceramic 32mm wave wand for movement, flawless waves and bouncy curls
    • Perfect Endings wave release system - Cool bristles replace tong spring lever for less hair damage while keeping the same styling benefits
    • Lock function - Use it as a regular wand according to your envy of the day
    • Ultra-fast pro MCH heat technology gives ultra-fast heat-up and heat recovery for flawless glossy waves
    • Progloss™ super smooth oils Keratin, Argan and Coconut oils infused ceramic barrel for ultimate smoothness
    • Ultra-fast digital heat 210ºC - 150ºC - ready to style in seconds for long-lasting styles
    • Cool Tip gives you extra comfort while styling your hair
    • Ceramic and Ionic barrel for smooth, shiny and frizz-free hair results
    • Auto shut off after 72 minutes
    • Product Weight: 205g
    • 3m salon swivel cable
    • Built-in Stand - Safely put the curler down whilst using it
    • Suitable for use on dry hair only
    • Heat resistant glove included
    • 3 Year Guarantee

    • Revamp Progloss 4000 Advanced Protect & Care Hair Dryer
    • 360 Degree rotating head and 3 “Advanced Care” programs – “Gentle”, “Strong” and “Care+” for greater hair coverage and minimum heat damage
    • Unique ION advanced care system - ionic drying for optimum even head coverage for radiant shine and conditioning
    • Ultimate shine powerful ionic jet at 8.3 million ions/cm3
    • Faster drying 2100W power drying + smart technology "Advanced Care" for an effortless salon-worthy blow-dry
    • High Torque power motor offers high-pressure airflow for a quicker and easier blow-dry without extreme heat
    • Lightweight - This hairdryer has been engineered to provide the best comfort to its user without compromising on performance
    • Customised acoustic system for low noise drying
    • Ceramic grille for high shine and conditioned hair
    • Cool shot Click on, click off easily fix your hair for longer-lasting styles
    • 4 heat, 2-speed settings offers precise drying and styling flexibility for all hair types
    • Comes with a concentrator nozzle that directs airflow for precise drying
    • 3 Year Guarantee

    Instruction Booklet for Progloss Perfect Finish Hair Waver

    Instruction Booklet for Progloss Advanced Protect & Care Hair Dryer
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    • Infused with Progloss Super Smoothing Oils

    Create flawless waves with complete ease with our Progloss Perfect Finish Hair Waver and our Progloss 4000 Advanced Protect & Care Hair Dryer.

    Retractable Cool Bristles

    Retractable Bristles

    Our unique Perfect Ending system allows you to gently style your hair, whilst ensuring a smooth finish. The bristles will hold the hair in place, so the hair will not slip away from the barrel – perfect for styling those hard to reach sections. Gently release your hair by retracting the bristles and reveal flawless curls and waves.

    Adjustable Temperature Settings

    Adjustable Temperature Settings

    Whether you have thick or fine hair, you can adjust the styling temperature to suit your hair texture, from 150°C to 210°C. You’ll be ready to style in seconds to create beautiful waves, with ultra-fast pro MCH heat technology with ultra-fast heat-up and heat recovery.

    Flawless Curls and Waves

    Flawless Waves

    The cool tip provides additional safety for you to hold the hair in place whilst styling. A heat resistant glove is included to protect your hands, whilst the built-in stand allows you to place the styling tool down without damaging your surfaces. For extra peace of mind, the Auto Shut Off feature will ensure the styling tool is switched off after 72 minutes.

    Ionic Jet Technology with Adjustable Heat and Speed Settings

    Adjustable Heat & Speed

    The powerful ionic jet delivers 8 million ions/cm3 for radiant shine and conditioning. You will get smooth results with every use, whilst also being kind to your hair. To suit a variety of hair types, this hair dryer includes 4 adjustable heat settings and 2-speed settings. The additional cool shot button provides an intense burst of cold air to set your style in place and provide long-lasting results.

    Advanced Care System to optimal styling

    Advanced Care System

    Built with 3 “Advanced Care” programs that greatly diffuse heat for minimum hair damage and optimised even head coverage for efficient drying. Choose from 3 different programs, including: GENTLE, STRONG & CARE+. Your choice of program will be indicated via a blue LED light.

    Hair dryer with rotating head

    360 Rotating Head

    The 360º rotating head, helps you adjust the direction of the airflow for more control over styling. The additional concentrator nozzle directs the airflow, for greater precision whilst drying. Whether you want to create sleek hairstyles or a bouncy blow-dry, this hair dryer can help you achieve a variety of styles.

    Infused with Progloss Oils including Keratin, Argan and Coconut oil

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