The Progloss Diverse range offers a variety of attachments to create curls and waves for every occasion. We chose to use the 13-25mm Beach Wave Curling Wand to achieve a beautiful, romantic and tousled look.

Step 1:

Starting from the bottom of the ear to the bottom of the ear, take thin slices of hair and gently wrap them around the bobbled barrel, the first section one way and the next wrapping them around the other way to create an influx of random movement and curls. 

Step 2:

Your next section will be from the top of the ear to the top of the ear, again taking random slices and wrapping in alternate directions to create a natural, flowing finish. 

Step 3:

Your third section will be from temple to temple, again following the same protocol; taking random slices of hair and wrapping them around the bobbled barrel, try to create the curls in multiple directions to create a fusion of movement, it does not need to perfect as the beauty is in the imperfection for this style. 

Step 4:

When it comes to the final section at the top of the head, simply part your hair where you would like your parting to be, once again taking random slices of hair and wrapping around the bobbled barrel to create your soft, beach waved, tousled and gorgeous looking hair. Enjoy this fabulous tool, you’ll have a lot of fun with it.